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Producing the best salt in the world at 424 meters below sea level.

Salt 424 was created by nature in the Dead Sea region, the lowest place on earth and one of the 10 wonders of the natural world. The area is characterized by extreme heat and dry, very clean air, plenty of sunshine, and little precipitation. This unique combination produces salt enriched with 21 natural minerals, in concentrations, 10 times higher than in regular salt. 
The Dead Sea area provides the world with many essential natural resources, such as Potassium, Bromine, and Magnesium, as well as the unique salt formed there over hundreds of thousands of years. Residents of the area learned to use the salt for their seasoning and cooking needs, and especially for preserving food. Of course, it was used for trade as well. Throughout history, salt, and especially fine salt, was used as currency by merchants and was considered a valuable asset.

Salt is an ionic mineral compound that is essential for life. Its components, such as sodium chloride (NaCl), play an important role in the human body—in the digestive system, the respiratory system, the nervous system, and in the regulation of fluids. Salt is as essential to the human body as water.

Salt 424 from the Dead Sea brings to your table all the qualities of the best salt in the world. It is collected in the traditional way, by hand, then dried by natural evaporation, and is certified as 100 percent natural for seasoning and cooking. With its deep taste, and the addition of unique flavors, it provides an exceptional gourmet experience.

Product quality

NTSALT Ltd. - MR. Alon Lior, the founder & CEO of ‘424 Below Sea Level’ brand, a series of natural Dead Sea salt mixtures, recognizes the maintenance of its products quality, as a corner stone of its activities.

Starting with raw material purchasing and ending with packaging, NTSALT Ltd. is committed to maintaining top quality control at every stage of its operations.

USDA / NOP and European standard PPIS, are the bases of the company’s quality control procedures.  

Two major objectives of the company are:
Focus on our customers - NTSALT Ltd. works methodically to understand the current and future needs of its customers, and provide those needs.
Continuous improvement - NTSALT Ltd. works to continually improve the general performance of the company.

Manufacturing procedures are strict, with a focus on maintaining quality organic products and separating them from all other goods.

Our products - click for more details

  • Black pepper salt
  • Diamond salt
  • Garlic Salt
  • Garlic salt with pepper
  • Salt with hot chilli pepper
  • Smoked salt
  • Garlic and pepper flavor
  • Red organic
  • Salt and organic pepper
  • Salt with garlic flavor
  • Salt with organic dill
  • Salt with organic rosmary
  • Salt with spinach
  • Black coarse salt
  • Salt enriched with iodine
  • coarse salt & seaweed
  • garlic merlot salt
  • golden salt
  • merlot salt

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